Lower Abs Workout

November 3, 2008

V-sit is an exercise involved in the lower abs workout. To perform a v-sit, begin by lying face up, flat on the floor. Keep your hands facing downwards, completely flat and relax all the muscles. Begin the exercise by lifting your knees and your torso simultaneously till your hips and knees are flexed and your thighs are near or in contact with your chest. Remain in this pose for nearly a second, then release and lower your torso and legs back to the floor from where you commenced. To increase difficulty in this lower abs workout, avoid keeping your torso and legs on the floor in between repetitions. Rather keep your torso and legs nearly an inch above the floor, all throughout.

Abdominal exercises also put some degree of compressive force on the lumbar spine, putting unwanted stress on the lower back. A study of twelve exercises concluded that no single exercise covered all abdominal muscles with high intensity and low compression.High challenge-to-compression ratio * Crunch with feet anchored * Crunch with feet free * Bicycle crunch * Hanging straight leg raiseLow compression, lower challenge * Crunch with feet anchored * Crunch with feet freeHigh challenge, higher compression * Straight-leg sit-up * Bent-leg sit-upLow challenge-to-compression ratio(not recommended!) * Supine straight-leg raise * Supine bent-leg raise * Hanging bent-leg raise * Static cross-knee crunch